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Blog: Your Business Needs To Be Social On Social Media

How to Increase Engagement by 515% on Your Business Page

Photo by George Pagan III on Unsplash

“What does posting about dogs or popular destinations have to do with my business?”

This is one of the biggest questions we get from our customers and future customers. As more companies enter the social media space, OSM is receiving more and more pressure to keep our content relevant to our client’s industry. Our competitors try to portray our posts as “unprofessional” or “not related.”

However, those companies are rarely, if-ever, specialists or experts in social media. Many claim they can do what we do at a lower cost. Most of them truly automate their posting and sell our clients on the fact it is not different.

It is.

Have you ever had that customer that has listened to their “mechanic” buddy and that buddy is giving them terrible advice you know will harm the vehicle in the long run? Yes, it’s like that.

Just like you, most of our clients are in a rotating service-based company. Automotive is our primary industry, from auto repair to tires to our gas station clients — some others include local insurance agents, dentists, restaurants, or realtors. All of our clients rely on building trust and typically have a longer buying cycle between when a customer first purchases and when they return for a second service or purchase. This is relevant because it does not set most of our customers up to succeed by relying on impulse buys or driving direct traffic to purchase e-commerce products like cool coffee mugs.

Our clients rely on long-term trust and relationships to win sales, time and time again.

Jumping back to answer the question; Yes, this becomes problematic when it comes to social media for our select clients. Why? Why is it bad to talk about your products, industry, or services all the time?


Multiple reasons:

Facebook’s algorithms will not show your posts to page followers unless they feel the topic or content is something social media users will enjoy.

  1. Facebook concludes that social media users do not enjoy sales material, so that is a law to live by.
  2. Brand or sales-related posts typically get less than a 6% view rate from followers.
  3. If you have 1,000 page followers, about 60 of them are seeing a post, if you post sales material.

Consumers pay our clients to take care of their needs, typically because they do not know or understand the product they are buying and rely on our clients to be the professional.

  1. Spamming those customers with topics or industry-related items they pay you to take care of is a turnoff.
  2. This content has historically low interaction, so Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram show it less in news feeds.
  3. Remember that Social Media users are customers of whatever social media platform they use and it’s not in the platform’s best interest to show topics that their customers are not interested in.

Trust is always the #1 concern.

  1. The best use of social media is to engage as many customers with micro impressions as possible through ads and posting.
  2. By doing this, you are building trust with the customer and becoming more of a friend and a ‘household name’.
  3. Understanding the previous two points, you must do this by posting topics social media users are interested in.

To prove this, I have attached two examples of posts we have done for the same client. The example is automotive related; This industry is a “needs-driven” industry and customers typically are not very interested in the topic, nor is it enjoyable to spend money fixing a car.

Only 33 of 323 page followers saw this industry/sales related post. That’s 10% which is slightly above average.



The next image is a trending topic. FOOD! The first post has only reached 33 people since May 20th. This post has reached over 203 people of 323 or 64% of page followers in a few days, which is a 515% increase in engagement.



OSM typically posts 5+ times per week for our clients. For just this 1 client, that adds up to 40,000 people reached over and over, positively, each year. That number would be less than 6,000 per year if the content was only automotive related! 

We have TONS of categories our account consultants use to filter topics you might not like. Some of our clients dislike posting pictures of cats but love dogs, some want more trending industry content — others ask for no industry content. If you dislike what is being posted, call your rep and ask what other options they have. The more you talk to them the more local the content gets!

The big takeaway- Optimize Social Media will post the content that gets you the most positive impressions in the marketplace. When and if that changes, so will our strategy! After all, you pay us to take care of it so you don't have to!

Did you know you can text your Account Consultant’s direct line? — this has helped us get more pictures and new content, or just set appointments on the fly. Please send us a photo or two through text! Not enough time or not a great photo taker? Text or call and ask about our new photo and video package. Local photo and video get the best reactions on social media. OSM will have a photographer come out and take photos and/or videos of your shop so we can use them on your social media pages. You can reuse this content on your website or other media outlets and we price this at a very affordable rate.

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